A grouping is where some or all of a player's animals that are of the same species are grouped together.

One of the objectives of Lionzer is to take your groupings to the top thanks to the progress made by the animals that are part of them.

That way, you can win one of the famous rewards that are reserved for the best groupings: gold gongs for groupings which only have Purebred animals, and bronze gongs for groupings which don't have only Purebred animals.
The work of players who have the best groupings allows them to get some very coveted rewards: gold gongs for groupings which only have Purebred animals and bronze gongs for those with non-Purebred animals.

Keep a close eye on your groupings' progress bar: as soon as it reaches 100%, you get one extra gold gong or bronze gong, and the earnings in nuggetz' and/or premz' that go with them!

A Purebred grouping can be rewarded with up to 6 gold gongs.
A non-Purebred grouping can be rewarded with up to 10 bronze gongs.
The criteria for winning the awards are:
-The average health of the animals;
-The average danger of the animals;
-The average parasite of the animals;
-The average capacity of the animals;
-The average level of the animals;
-The ratio between the level and the capacity of the animals;
-The number of animals.
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The best groupings

There are 0 Dorcas Gazelle groupings on Lionzer, 0 of which have received a reward (a gold gong or a bronze gong).

Here are the very best among them.
Dorcas Gazelle ##STADE## - coat 20

Groups on the Dorcas Gazelle species