Free animal game: Wild Safari Games

This free flash game brings lets you play in the Savannah, the jungle and the swamp in Africa!
You play Diego, a young adventurer, who needs to complete certain missions with his trusty side-kick: his pet leopard!
You will see a map of Africa with different areas. Click on one to complete the mission there. The 3 “Rescue” missions (Savannah, Swamp and Jungle) will ask you to drive your jeep, using your mouse to steer, and try to pick up the four wild animals listed on the left of the screen. These four animals are typical animals for this area, for example: lions for the Savannah and gazelles for the jungle. Once you've picked up the four animals on your safari, you will pass the level.
The African Rescue Outpost mission in the middle of the map lets you take photos of African animals for your photo album, and even print them out for your room!
A little tip: if you drive over the green arrows or over the ramps, you will speed up.
Each area will give you a short tutorial at the start so you know exactly what you need to do.
Will you complete all the missions and take the best safari pictures?

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