Free animal game: African Animals Game

Have you always wanted to help endangered animals? Then this free flash game is for you!
You will have to take care of sick hippos, rhinos, zebras and wildebeest in order to introduce them back into the wild one day.
A helicopter drops off the animal who needs your help in the house on the bottom right. Click on the animal to put it in its private enclosure. If you click on your animal, you will see what kind of treatment it needs. Click on the icon at the bottom and you will have to play another mini-game to treat your animal. If you click on the information icon (i) to the bottom right of the animal, then you will learn more about this animal's problem (what rare disease it has or how it was injured).
You will be scored on your actions and you are also being timed, so be quick and accurate to go far in this game!
Will you be able to introduce these wild African animals back into their natural environment?

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