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Do you like zebras? How would you like to take care of one? Come and look after this realistic zebra in this fun mini flash game!
You play Jilly's assistant and must help her take care of her pet zebra. Listen to Jilly's instructions – she tells you what you need to do every step of the way. You start off by washing your zebra with a sponge, then you will scrub it, hose it off and dry it. You are being timed so make sure you work quickly and efficiently!You can see how well you're doing with a particular action from the blue bar at the top of the screen. The more you do an action, the more the bar fills up with a yellow bar. Just underneath the bar is the timer counting down so make sure you finish the action before your time runs out.
After you've cleaned your zebra well, you will be taken to another level where you get to dress-up your zebra. Then you can feed your clean and fancy zebra some carrots.
After all this, Jilly will inspect your work and give you a mark out of 100.
How well will you do in this free zebra game?

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